If Only, If only – My Dream Horse

My Dream horse...?

Maybe…? Maybe not this horse

I would love to have my own horse at the moment, but unfortunately I can’t. As you may know, I will hopefully be getting a horse next year. Until then, I will be busy dreaming about and imagining my ideal horse.

My dream horse would be called Ellie. She would be a bay coloured mare with four stockings and a blaze  or a stripe on her head. She would be about 16.2 hh and would be quite cheeky and smart. She would always be willing to work but it is okay if she can sometimes be a bit spooky. She would be happy living  with a herd in a paddock full time and would not need too much supplementary feeding. I would mainly be doing dressage with her although she would also be happy to go on trail rides and do an occasional jump or two.

This description of my dream horse is based on my experiences with my friends’ horses and the school horses, although of course I probably won’t be able to find a horse exactly like this, but still – if only, if only my dream horse did exist.

What is your dream horse? Do you own your dream horse?

Keep wishing,

The Horse Habit


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