5 Reasons why I love horses

Horse of LoveOver here at The Horse Habit, we love horses. That’s why this blog exists. But sometimes, a non-horsey person just does not understand so we have to patiently explain why we find horses so loveable.

  1. The Friendship – Horses offer a friendship towards their special human which is rivaled by the love of any other creature. But what is especially special, is that with their huge mass and size, they are not forced to be near humans yet so many still do, without any halters, bridles or anything.
  2. The Freedom – “Horses lend us the wings we lack” (Pam Brown). Enough said.
  3. The Counselling – Quite like the friendship horses offer us, horses will happily listen silently through our weeping, snuffle up our tears then ride away our sorrows.
  4. The Fun Exercise – Lets face it, hardly anybody likes exercises. But somehow, horses have a knack of forcing their humans to do exercise whether it is mucking out stables, power grooming the shaggy winter coats or galloping up a hill. Exercise… can be fun…?
  5. Their Beauty –  Horses are beautiful by nature, they have a natural aura surrounding them which, along with their beauty attracts almost all young girls…and adults.


The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and freedom.

Sharon Ralls Lemon

Why do you love horses, let us know below!

The Horse Habit




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