If you’re a bit unsure of some of the words or terms used here on The Horse Habit, fear not for here is a handy list for you to keep by your side as you adventure through the blog, have fun!

Dressage Diva: A person who likes horses, and dancing, but was never any good at ballet so took up a sport with dancing horses.

Eventer: They do eventing, enough said. They are talented equestrians who can’t easily make decisions, so took up equine triathlons.

FEI: Basically an abbreviation for International Federation for Equestrian Sports, except that its in French and is spoken in a fancy French accent (optional).

Horse Habit: The habit of generally loving horses and cleaning stables, muddy horses and water buckets with poop in them. Fun.

Jumping Genius: A person who purposefully steers a horse or pony over a course of jumps.

WEG: World Equestrian Games. The games are run every four years, alternating with the Summer Olympics, and hold FEI’s eight oficial disciplines of Dressage, Para-dressage, Vaulting, Show-jumping, Eventing, Reining, Endurance and Driving.

CCI: The levels of international eventing competitions. There is a CCI*, a CCI**, a CCI*** and, can you guess? A CCI****. And by the way, it is pronounced CCI one star etc. It’s not CCI one asterix.


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