What to write…?

I have to admit something. I don’t know what to write for today’s blog post. So I looked it up. Yes, I looked up “What to write a blog post about” on google. I’m sorry, but I didn’t have any ideas. On the other hand, Start Blogging Online, had 101 ideas. Wow, I wish!

After scrolling through the list, I found there were heaps of ideas. Lots of ideas. Like, 101 ideas, at least. But I still wasn’t quite sure, simply because some of those ideas were, shall we say, a bit “out there”. For example:

Criticize a blog, website or person. Nah, that’s just mean. And a bit off topic, it’s a horse blog, after all.

Write a short story. Well, that could work, except for one small problem. I don’t know what to write. If I don’t know what to write for one post, how am I supposed to write a story?!? Crazy idea, not today thanks 😛

Sing a song. On my HORSE blog? No, just no. I don’t sing, anyway.

Invite your readers to submit guest posts. Hmmmm, now that’s an idea! You can write a post for me! Anybody interested? You could share your horsey experiences, your photos or even just your equestrian related dreams. If it’s about horses, I’d be more than willing to consider publishing your post, just send through your story by email to habithorse@gmail.com

While we’re on the topic of your ideas, I might as well just ask you. If you don’t feel up to writing a whole post, but still feel you have an awesome idea, let me know by just leaving comments down below.

Thank you, and sorry for my lack of imagination today. I’ve had a busy week and all that, sorry.

The Horse Habit


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